Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween 2013! Blood Splatter Mani!

Hello!  How has everyone been?  Sorry it's been awhile since I last posted, but I have been in the middle of a move, which is finally over, so posts will be coming out on a regular basis now!  Also it is the month of Halloween, and all things scary, so in spirit I did a Blood Splatter Mani.  If you weren't aware Halloween is my favorite holiday, I love all things Horror and what's scarier than the gore that is blood?

This was my first time doing this type of Mani, and for it being the first time I think it came out pretty good!
I used E.L.F's White as the base and Avon's Siren as the blood splatter.
Now the clean up was pretty bad, but it you tape up beforehand the cleanup isn't too bad.  Also if you were wondering how to do this here is a quick, not so quick, instruction guide:
1) Pick a white nail polish as the base, depending on what brand you use will depend on how many coats you need.  Most that I have found take 2 or 3 coats or more.
2) This is where you want to use some Scotch tape and tape around your nail if you want an easier cleanup
3)Now your going to want to find a place that you can afford to get a bit messy, or put down some paper to keep your house clean
4)Find a straw
5)Take any red nail polish and pour some onto a piece of paper, or whatever you have, and take your straw and dip the straw into the red nail polish.  It may take a few dips, you'll know when you see a film, made from the red nail polish, on the end of the straw.
6)Now blow into the straw a few inches above your nail, on the side that doesn't have the nail polish, I don't think it would taste too good.  The film on the other end will burst from the blow and create a blood splatter effect.  It may take a few dip and blows to get it the way you want, but it will look awesome when you finally get it!
7)Repeat steps 5 and 6 on the rest of your nails to get the finished look!
Hope that helps and if you have any questions just ask in the comments.
The only downside to this, for me, is that out of all of my topcoats, I can not find one that wont make the red run.  So if anyone knows of a topcoat that wont run, I would love to know!
Hope you all have a great day!


  1. THIS LOOKS SO COOL! I've never tried this kind of mani before, but you make it look so easy. It's definitely perfect for Halloween :)

    1. Thanks! You should try it, it's easier than it sounds!